Blog Money: Writing Articles and (Other Ways to Get Paid)

Make Money Blogging Writing Articles
There are many ways that you can make good blog money and creating content is where a lot of your blogging money comes from.
SEO Articles – I get random emails that say ‘please take a look at my site. How much?’ Making blog money is still a mystery to some. The [...]

Free RSS Directories: Add Your Blogs!

30 Free RSS Feed Directories to add your blogs to has been updated!
Here are 15 more free RSS directory links to add your rss submission too. All have decent PR and Alexa. All RSS directory links go directly to the RSS add and submission page , submit feed or URL page. No reciprocals, no fees. [...]

How to Make a Blogs Video

What is a blog video? Let Al Tomkin show you how he produces his blogs video segments. Very cool and easy to do.

Also see my post You Tube Tips for promoting and marketing your video on You Tube.
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You Tube Tips – [...]

Friday Social – You Tube Tips

You Tube – What a great way to be social! Create an account and add a link to your site. Start adding videos from the network or make your own.
As an example I used Tim Brownsons – How to Be Miserable video to show how you can showcase your favorite You Tube videos.
To make your [...]

Web Optimization Update

Web Optimization <— See this post! Doing a Google search for ‘blogs that make money‘ I kinda noticed that I’m in the #1 spot again! On Halloween of 07 not realizing I hit number one I started goofing with my links and what not. I removed a bunch of links and changed a [...]

Comment Spam – Embrace It!

Dofollow and spam are closely related otherwise there would be no such thing as the ‘nofollow’ attribute.
When is dofollow and comment spam a good thing?
Keywords – Depending on the keywords if they are closely related to my blog and their site checks out okay I will allow the comment. The reason for this is to [...]

Friday Social – Social Networking List

Some quickie stuff:
Social Networking ListLook out for the up coming Redux post and all the social media you should be using.
Twitter#earthquake and #seattle earthquake. I was there. It rocked!
How to gain more followers: Participate in ‘#’ search discussions and look to see what is hot in TwitScoop. Look for cresting topics or try and create [...]

Blogs that Make Money: Scraper Site Update

Blogs that Make Money is skipping Friday Social today because I’d like to touch on another subject real quick that might be useful to you.
Sites that scrape your content.
You know I am flattered that someone copied parts of my blog word for word without giving me credit. They also copied Yaro Starak and Zac Johnson [...]

Blogs that Make Money: Blog Money Intro

Blogs that Make Money was intentionally to spotlight on what other bloggers were doing to make money. Well trying to get information out of people is next to impossible. The direction that the blog took was more of what people wanted. Ironically that was not making money but getting traffic and SEO tactics. Funny don’t [...]

Friday Social – Crystal Happiness

Crystal HappinessOkay this is old news but what the hell was up with Twitter last week? I don’t criticize the hacker I find fault in lame ass passwords.
It’s 2009 here folks. Highly qualified people are scrounging for employment, and although I love Twitter and don’t know ‘Crystal’ or the Twitter admin personally but FTW? Let’s [...]

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